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    grahamhira reacted to Fodla32 in Work Must Pay   
    Well done a chara, but don't forget that work is not just about pay - it's about human dignity and being part of the community.  Work that does not allow people a full part in social activity is really just slavery.
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    A chairde,I'm involved with the Work Must Pay campaign.It is a group of young activists who are taking direct action against the anti-worker JobBridge internship program.It is clear that the only way to abolish JobBridge is by abolishing it directly,through pickets,leaflets,and publicly naming businesses that profit from this slave labour which prevents workers from earning a day's work.   Pickets have been held in Dublin over the past few months and have been very successful.As of now the campaign is ready to spread to other areas.While being an initiative of the Connolly Youth Movement,it has involvement from Sinn Féin Republican Youth,Unite Youth - Dublin Activist Group,the Communication Workers Union as well as individuals from a variety of political affiliations and none.We welcome those of all political backgrounds and are a non-sectarian group.   Here is a link to our website where you can read more about us,including testimonials from JobBridge interns and reports on successful pickets. http://workmustpay.com/   Also like our facebook pages,Work Must Pay,Work Must Pay - Kerry and Work Must Pay - Cork(run by myself.) Also,feel free to get directly involved yourself!  
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    grahamhira got a reaction from Fodla32 in Historians of Ireland   
    It's reprinted now comrade,I bought a copy in Eason's last year.
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    grahamhira reacted to Fodla32 in In Praise of Comrade Enver Hoxha and Socialist Albania   
    Comrade Enver Hoxha took a backward illiterate country, with no health service or social security, and who's land was owned by a tiny aristocrisy who sold out the county to Fascist Italy, and turned it into a country with 100% literacy, housing for all, employment for all, and the glory of not have to bend the knee to anyone. Now Albania is a bankrupt, failed state, looking to get into the EU so the EU will pay its bills. It's heartbreaking to see a great nation fallen to its knees.

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    grahamhira reacted to Fodla32 in Historians of Ireland   
    I bought it in RSF's bookshop in Parnell street.  I'm sure they still have it on sale. You can ring them and they'd post it to you.
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    grahamhira reacted to Ernie O'Guevara in Historians of Ireland   
    Anyone know where I can read Ruairi O'Bradaigh's Dilseacht. I am beginning research for a short book on a Marxist internationalist perspective on 20th century Irish history, I think O'Bradaigh's book would be an invaluable source.
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    grahamhira reacted to Ernie O'Guevara in Historians of Ireland   
    Still got plenty of books to read myself, must pop by Connolly Books next time in Dublin and see their selection of history
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    grahamhira reacted to Fodla32 in Message of the National Democratic Front of the Philippeans to Republican Sinn Féin on its 2014 Ard-Fheis   
    Chief International Representative
    National Democratic Front of the Philippines
    On behalf of the 18 allied revolutionary organizations of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and the revolutionary people of the Philippines, I wish to extend my warmest greetings of revolutionary solidarity to the delegates and guests of the 2014 Ard-Fheis of the Republican Sinn Féin!
    We salute your perseverance in militantly upholding the right of the Irish people for national liberation against the continued British occupation in Ireland. The RSF has been victorious in organizing itself in the 32 Counties, keeping the revolutionary flame of Irish Republicanism burning throughout Ireland, despite the many difficulties you have faced in the last almost three decades.
    The Ard-Fheis is an opportune moment to celebrate the victories achieved in the past year, and to recognize the weaknesses which need to be addressed. We wish you success in drawing up plans for the coming year, always making a step closer to realizing the New Ireland – Éire Nua.
    Like the Irish people, the Filipino people are also engaged in a life-and-death struggle for national and social liberation, in our case against US imperialism and the local exploiting classes of landlords and comprador big bourgeoisie. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People's Army, the NDFP and the revolutionary masses are now operating in 71 out of the 81 provinces of the country.
    In villages all over the countryside, organizations of peasants, fisherfolk, women, youth, indigenous peoples, children, and other sectors are formed as the foundations of Red political power in the villages and towns. Various committees are formed to implement programs for land reform, livelihood, education, health, defense, and justice. These revolutionary organizations and local organs of Red power now cover several millions of the Filipino population. In the town centers and urban areas, organizations of the revolutionary workers, women, youth, and professionals carry out militant mass actions and strongly demand reforms from the reactionary government, and at the same time spread the good news about the armed revolutionary movement raging in the countryside.
    The New People's Army strikes against the military and police machineries of the ruling classes. The NPA's tactical offensives are aimed at annihilating and harassing armed enemy units, weakening it strategically, as well as confiscating weapons from the enemy in order to strengthen itself strategically.
    Our common struggle against imperialism – US and UK – offers excellent opportunities for solidarity and cooperation. We look forward to greater unity between our peoples and mutual support in this common struggle. We hope that the 2014 Ard-Fheis will translate to greater victories for the RSF and the Irish people, in our collective march for freedom from imperialist domination, towards a democratic republic, and a socialist future.
    Victory to the 2014 Ard-Fheis!
    Long live the Republican Sinn Féin!
    Long live the solidarity between the Filipino and Irish peoples!
    Long live international anti-imperialist solidarity!

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    grahamhira reacted to nico in Do you Support Israel?   
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    grahamhira reacted to Fodla32 in Images of Resistance   
    Ho Chi Minh visits sailors of the DDR, Stralsund, Germany. 1957.

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    grahamhira got a reaction from Fodla32 in Democracy, East Germany and the Berlin Wall   
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    grahamhira got a reaction from Fodla32 in Democracy, East Germany and the Berlin Wall   
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    grahamhira got a reaction from Fodla32 in Focail Chur in Aithne \ Introduce Yourself   
    Doubt if anybody will see this lol but Hi everyone,some of you may remember me from R.ie.I'm not on there as grahamhira anymore though.Basically,I'm a Republican and Communist from Cork who supports RSF.My interests include reading,history,politics,airsoft and Netflix lol.I find Marxism to be quite confusing but I can understand the basics and want to learn more.I'm currently looking forward to going to university next year and getting a degree,I want to be a teacher when I graduate and maybe do my best to be Padraig Pears's version as a fosterer of young minds rather than the zombie-like "educators" of today!
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    grahamhira reacted in Book Share   
    Anyone interested in doing a bit of a book share/lend? ie, list whatever books you have and give a lend to someone who might be interested. Im sure everyone has a collection of interesting books that otherwise cost a fortune to buy
    Ill start with some if anyone wanst a lend (the ones with a start will be temporarily unavailable, but soon enough they will):
    - The Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein*
    - The Enigma of Capital - David Harvey*
    - Sinn Fein & the Politics of Left Republicanism - Eoin O Broin*
    - People Vs Profit - Victor Perlo
    - Dont Believe It! (media studies) - Alexandra Kitty
    - Manufacturing Consent - Chomsky
    - Chompsky on Anarchism - Chomsky
    - Selected Works - Karl Marx & Engles
    - The Corporate Takeover of Ireland - Kieran Allen
    - The Irish War on Drugs - Owen O' Mahony
    - The Darker Nations - Pashad
    - Sins of the Father - Conor McCabe
    - An Introduction to Sociology in Ireland - Bernadette McDonald
    - The Spirit Level: Why more equal societies almost always do better - Wilkenson & Pickett
    - Holy Bible
    - Social and Cultural Anthropology: Selected Essays.
    - Communism
    - The Global Economic System Since 1945 - Larry Allen
    - Ireland: The Promise of Socialism - Socialist Democracy publication
    - Dissident Republicans
    - Will They Ever Trust Us Again? - Michael Moore
    - Ireland & the Poor Law - Helen Burke
    - Crime in Ireland: A sociological introduction - Ciaran Mc Cullagh
    - Peace in Ireland: A War of Ideas - Richard Bourke
    - Dublin Tenement Life - Kevin McKearns
    - James Connolly - Donal Nevin
    - Capitalism - Paul Bowles*
    - The Holy Quaran
    - Marx - Andrew Collier
    - Hegemony or Survival - Chomsky
    - Irelands Credit Crunch - Socialist democracy Publication
    - Making Globalization Work - Joseph Stiglitz*
    - Main Currents of Marxism - Kalakowski
    - A Concise History of the Spanish Civil War
    - Time for Revolution - Antonio Negri
    - Das Kapital - Marx
    - Lenin - Christopher Read
    - New Left Review (1970's)
    - The Miracle of Fatima Mansions
    - Guerrilla Warfare - Che Guevara
    - Interpretation of Dreams - Freud
    - Selected Writings - Marx
    - Harry Bolands Irish Revolution
    - Organising History: A Centenary of SIPTU
    - Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life
    - Before the Wells Run Dry (Irish energy analysis by Sligo IT)
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    grahamhira got a reaction from Fodla32 in Teenager Hannah Smith killed herself because of online bullying, says father   
    Thank God,someone with sense.
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    grahamhira reacted in Teenager Hannah Smith killed herself because of online bullying, says father   
    This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. Why on earth would you care what anonymous people say to you online?
    Do you remember a time where we kept the internet and real life separate? Where we were told repeatedly never to give out person details, use your real name, or provide any sort of information to ANYONE online? Nowadays its encouraged. You can find out where someone works, who their friends are, where they go to school without any effort at all. If you make all your personal details public and put yourself in a position where anonymous posters can talk to you then how can you not expect people to troll you?
    Even as little as six or seven years ago if someone said they were being called names online the response would be "harden the fuck up". But no. Now everyone has to be a victim. If you sit and let what random people you don't know say get to you then Lord only knows how you'd cope in the real world.
    To those trolls I say: Continue cleansing the gene pool of idiots, you are doing Gods work