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  1. grahamhira

    Historians of Ireland

    It's reprinted now comrade,I bought a copy in Eason's last year.
  2. http://gowans.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/democracy-east-germany-and-the-berlin-wall/
  3. grahamhira

    Focail Chur in Aithne \ Introduce Yourself

    Doubt if anybody will see this lol but Hi everyone,some of you may remember me from R.ie.I'm not on there as grahamhira anymore though.Basically,I'm a Republican and Communist from Cork who supports RSF.My interests include reading,history,politics,airsoft and Netflix lol.I find Marxism to be quite confusing but I can understand the basics and want to learn more.I'm currently looking forward to going to university next year and getting a degree,I want to be a teacher when I graduate and maybe do my best to be Padraig Pears's version as a fosterer of young minds rather than the zombie-like "educators" of today!
  4. Cael,i have a question for you,do you believe Eire Nua to be socialist?