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    China, Vietnam, Laos ?

    I understand the logic of this. Its something similar to the NEP. But it appears to me that the ruling partys in these countries are pretty much the ruling class. They profit from the expliotation of the workers in their countries. I dont think that all of the wealth that is created goes towards creating a better society for all.
  2. lenin86

    China, Vietnam, Laos ?

    I would agree with this. From the little I know of these countries I would see them as being state-capitalist to. But Iv come across some websites that clame to be communist or Marxist-Leninist sites and they would support these countries and see them as socialist. I cant see how any of these countries would socialist.
  3. Michael Campbell is an Irish Citizen. He currently languishes in an Eastern European prison his only contact amounting to one short phone call per week. Michael Campbell does not receive visits because British and Free State propaganda has directed public opinion to the belief that Michael Campbell and the Campbell family are a wealthy people with no need for financial assistance and less need of support. This myth is supported with the now seemingly standard blackening process inflicted on Republicans by Republicans as a product of despondency or pure illogical hatred. Michael Campbell has never expressed any form of negativity nor has he ever responded to the various accusations levelled at his name by those who cannot bear to have the truth explored because he lives the truth in his own self and has stated amongst Republicans alone, let it go and lets unite and face the real enemy. Michael Campbell is an Irish Republican. He currently languishes inside a Lithuanian Prison as a result of having been entrapped by British Military Intelligence. The British claim Michael Campbell was attempting to procure a high quality war ready arsenal which they assert was destined to arm the reviving Irish Republican Army. Michael availed of his right to a defence and that defence was forwarded. Claims that Michael Campbell has ever besmirched the flag of the Irish Republic are fantasy and must only be judged as the product of simple opportunists manipulating a defence in a foreign court to justify their attempts at seizing control from others at home. No Republican operative or activist in the various areas of South Armagh and North Louth may they be Provisional Sinn Féin supporters, Irish National Liberation Army veterans, Republican Network for Unity activists 32 County Sovereignty movement advocates Society organisers or independent/inclusive Republicans have anything but the highest regard for Michael Campbell’s quiet yet energetic expression of his Nations cause. Michael Campbell responded to our campaign with his own call that we forget about him and increase our efforts for Marian Price and all the men in Maghaberry. He implored us to halt the extradition of his brother Laim and another man the British Government are attempting to kidnap. He has the rarest of Revolutionary qualities today; humility, selflessness and foresight all qualities that should come as standard in any Republican existence. We will not forget about him we will have Michael Campbell returned to Ireland in the terms he deserves and we will halt the extradition of Laim and Brendan. The Campbell family folded the flag of the Irish Republic at the tear soaked graveside of Óglach Seán Campbell in 1975, they were harangued harassed and persecuted by the same scoundrels of the same British regiments of hatred and murder that killed Mc Verry and Cleary. They were hunted by MI5 through the UVF, they were terrorised by the heavy gang and regularly beaten and threatened by ordinary Gardaí as the SAS hid in the ditches waiting for any chance to murder anyone of them. As time went on so too did their commitment to the Irish Republic and when others broke faith with the cause the Campbell family put their name alongside the Murray’s, McLochlinn’s O’Connors and all the scores of other brave men and women who came forward to rededicate to unwavering principle and for this they received the fullest attention of the British media who demonized and criminalized them to the extent that they no longer were afforded their right to be classed as human beings. Portlaoise hauled them in and schism and split and bitterness and confusion and petty hatreds waged and rained no doubt the mistakes made or harsh words said will linger on as they always do but no one in this cause is free from error, no one! and in recognition of this fact and in understanding that any blackening of any ones name is an evil cruel agenda spiked tool of the pervasive counter revolutionary let us rise as one in dignity and respect. Cumann Seán Mac Eachaidh do not believe there can be enough Republican expressions until British Rule is gone. Blackening has to stop there are dozens of people holding scores of bull shit stories and half truths against hundreds of people. These useless meaningless tats of nothingness are being held like guns to the head of revolutionary progress by strange, strange people. How dare any man mark another mans name? They used to say if you weren’t there you don’t know who ever told you may have another agenda so just let it go and lets unite and if your having trouble come to us and we will help you. We support Michael Campbell Laim and Brendan no more or no less than Marian Martin Gerry and all the other Irish Republican P.O.W’s in all the prisons they are held in. Please help us to help them by expressing your support in equal measure. "Republican integrity" Cumann Sean MacEachaidh
  4. Cumann Seán Mac Eachaidh (Fermanagh/Cavan) condemn Britain’s most recent attempt at coercing young Irish people in to the murderous ranks of the British Crown Forces. Manipulating the depravation colonial rule and partition imposes on Border Counties, the British war machine has abandoned the hedge rows of shoot to kill and now waits to ambush our youth in it’s dole centres. We find it particu...larly sinister that as Britain plies its trade of murderous imperialist war throughout the world it has resorted to recruiting its sand bags in Co. Fermanagh’s Dole offices. How dare the social welfare system which was introduced to assist the needy become a tool of conscription for an invading force of war criminals, a force of foreign occupation engaged in imperialist war throughout the world. We remind our selves that Co. Fermanagh, has, since partition, been in the majority, against partition. In the evening our young people are being stopped outside schools, places of work, abroad on holidays, on roadsides and street corners and harangued in to becoming informers by MI5, they are threatened and offered large sums of money to sell their lives to covert British terrorism and now in the mornings they are being conscripted in to the Crown Forces by the social welfare system. Cumann Seán Mc Eachaidh commend the local representatives who availed of their platform to highlight this issue. We ask those approached by the British Terror machine to resist their advances in the strongest possible terms, these people have never had a grip on Fermanagh and never will. Do not let them intimidate you in to selling your lives to imperialist violence or terrorism. They have no right to make such a demand from you. We remind the British Government of its position in Co. Fermanagh, you are not wanted and never have been, we have resisted you since you arrived and we will until your gone. We will continue to resist your recruitment drives just as we fully intend to make a mockery of your G8 summit. Fermanagh is far from subdued and Britain would do well to remember this. The DHSS has no right to conscript anyone and to anyone in fear of loosing their entitlements to Social Welfare by ignoring this directive we say, do not become stressed or anxious there are a wealth of local bodies and representatives who can assist you avail of your rights and entitlements. The DHSS has no right to make this demand on anyone. We would encourage the local employees of the DHSS to refuse following these conscription directives, and the local people affected by them to make immediate contact with Cumann Seán Mac Eachaidh so those responsible for doing the British Army’s dirty work can be exposed. Republican Integrity !
  5. The documents would have to focus on getting rid of capitalism also to have genuine freedom for everyone in Ireland.
  6. I would agree and support with most of whats in the Eire Nua and Saol Nua documents. But my main problem with the documents is that capitalism would still exists and there for so would exploitation.
  7. I think parts of the Eire Nua document are very good and would ideal for Ireland. The document tells about freedom for everyone. But my main concern would be, what about freedom from exploitation? There can never be true freedom while capitalism still exists.