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  1. The Justice for the Craigavon Two Group call 0n everyone to back the campaign to get the hashtag #JFTC2 trending on Twitter on the anniversary of the PSNI sabotaging the appeal of Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton, it will have been a year since the appeal process began and over 6 months since it ended yet both men remain incarcerated by a miscarriage of justice. Help us raise awareness and end this miscarriage of justice. Remember retweets don't count. www.facebook.com/JFTC2 Twitter: @craigavon2
  2. Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton will be five years interned by miscarriage of justice tomorrow, they await the outcome of their appeal which ended in October. help raise awareness of their plight. www.justiceforthecraigavontwo.com
  3. "Even the olives are bleeding" Independent Commemoration for Charlie Donnelly today at 2pm Curran Terrace below the Brickyard Dungannon. Born in Killybrackey, Dungannon, County Tyrone, Charlie was a Poet and student at University College Dublin, a member of Left wing Republican Congress. Charlie went to Spain to fight Franco's fascism, a Volunteer in the Connolly Column, 15th International Brigade, he was killed in action while commanding a platoon of Irish volunteers operating alongside US and Canadian Internationalists of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade at Jarama, 27 February, 1937. He was 22 years old. During a lull in the battle Charlie lifted a handfull of olives and remarked "Even the olives are bleeding" moments later he died in action. Remember him with pride.
  4. Justice for the Craigavon Two group would like to thank everyone who helped organise last nights discussion, we would like to thank everyone who attended and we would like to thank the organisers of Feile an Phobail for giving us the opportunity to raise awareness of this miscarriage of justice. ‪#‎JFTC2‬ Gerry Conlon speaking about the Craigavon Two case
  5. Ireland is stone broke and pouring the financial misery created by others onto the Irish People, yet Ireland gives away billions in oil and gas for free!!! Taken from the Own Our Oil website http://www.ownouroil.ie Our goal… The goal of Own Our Oil is to get a better deal for Ireland from the licensing of our oil and gas resources. This has the potential to define Ireland's future and it's up to us as a nation to determine that it's for the better. Every generation has its defining moment - its own Everest to climb, its own Waterloo. Right now we are witnessing a situation unfold which will most certainly determine the financial landscape of Ireland - for better or for worse, and it is up to us here and now to influence that outcome. We, the citizens of Ireland, are currently standing by and watching as our country is being ransacked and stripped of its petroleum wealth. Shockingly bad decision making by subsequently discredited politicians a quarter of a century ago are now returning to haunt Ireland. The onus is on us to act now to secure the country's future for the generations to come. If we fail to do this, history will prove us to be the generation that not only betrayed the sacrifices of our forefathers, but also stood idly by and did nothing to secure the future of our children and our children's children. We simply can't let that happen. We won't even have the comfort of saying that we knew no better. We used to have an appropriate licensing system - one that served us, the people of Ireland. That is no longer the case. We need to change this and we need to change it now. Any change would be an improvement. As it stands, Ireland is not guaranteed to get any benefit from private exploration and extraction of our own resources. Imagine what we could achieve by securing a proper deal: the schools, hospitals, rehab facilities, social housing, R&D, and infrastructure that we could build. The potential value makes the bank bailouts seem like small change. In the 1960s, Norway was a poor agrarian society. Corporations offered to buy exclusive rights to oil that wasn't yet sure to be profitable, at a tempting but terrible deal for Norway. Their politicians saw through this and secured a much better deal for Norway's citizens. Today, Norway enjoys one of the highest living standards in the world and has a state pension fund worth over $650 billion. Imagine it. Together, we have to make this happen for Ireland. Nobody else will.
  6. Justice for the Craigavon Two campaign group would like to invite you to attend our discussion as part of the West Belfast Festival. A campaign discussion about the case of Lurgan men Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton who have consistently maintained their innocence and who were sentenced in a Diplock Court to life imprisonment for the killing of PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll in 2009. Family members, legal representatives and campaign supporters outline their concerns that there has been a serious miscarriage of justice. St Mary's University College Belfast Friday, 2nd August 2013 Everyone Welcome www.justiceforthecraigavontwo.com www.facebook.com/JFTC2 http://www.feilebelfast.com/justice-for-the-craigavon-two/
  7. Yodler

    Justice Watch Ireland

    All the speakers can be viewed here. https://www.youtube.com/user/JusticeWatchIreland?gl=IE
  8. Yodler

    Justice Watch Ireland

    Justice Watch Ireland held its first Human Rights conference in Belfast yesterday 22/6/13 as the voluntary organisation strives to be a non Governmental Organisation with Charity status that can tackle the abuses of the Justice System. JWI was created primarily to address the obvious gaps and failings of the judicial system, from legislation and those responsible for enforcement, through to the courts were identified JWI will seek to highlight any short comings by those who have a statutory obligation to ensure that an individual's rights are upheld such as the political system or it's prison regime. The event started in the morning In Belfast's Holiday Inn, over 80 people who were invited packed the conference room to hear speakers which included Paddy Hill (Birmingham 6 & MOJO founder), Gerry Conlon (Guildford 4 & miscarriage of justice campaigner), John Finucane ( Human Rights Lawyer) Moazzam Begg (former Guantanamo bay internee & outreach director at Cageprisoners) Gareth Peirce (renowned Human Rights Lawyer who represented high profile Irish and Muslim cases) Ken Wilkinson (PUP & Loyalist activist) Packy Carty (Former Republican Prisoner & Craigavon Two campaigner) Cait Trainor (RSF & Martin Corey campaigner) and John McCusker ( Eirigi & Stephen Murney campaigner). A broad range of subjects were covered from the Loyalist supergrass trial to the war on terror, rendition, miscarriages of justice, to the case of the Craigavon Two, Stephen Murney and Martin Corey. The JWI Conference posed the question has the state gone too far, John Finucane in his speech said he believed it had both John and Gareth Peirce stressed the need for NGO groups such as Justice Watch Ireland to keep vigilance over the system and to offer hope and help to those who so desperately need it. The event wrapped up with a questions and answers session with the audience. Justice Watch Ireland thanks everyone who attended, a special thanks to those who contributed and traveled to be at the event. Footage of the speakers can be viewed on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook...150183458492521 PRO JWI. http://www.justicewatchireland.com
  9. Yodler

    Justice Watch Ireland

    The Event this weekend is just a beginning the Group is in the process of registering as a charity it will take time to expand, everyone working for this group do so on a voluntary basis.
  10. Yodler

    Justice Watch Ireland

    Here is a recent press release from JWI calling for the release of Stephen Murney. Press Release For immediate release. 14th June 2013 Call for the immediate release of Stephen Murney Today, Justice Watch Ireland has written to both the British secretary of state Theresa Villers and Justice Minister, David Ford, calling for the immediate release of Stephen Murney. JWI has thoroughly assessed Mr Murneys’ case and consulted some of the leading Law experts available to which we all individually concluded that there is no case to be answered. Attached to this press release are the facts of the case which will sustain our conclusions. Justice Watch Ireland are more than concerned that Mr Murney may be a victim of the most blatant abuse of the Justice system seen in the last decade. We are equally concerned that should this practice of Judicial Abuse be allowed to continue unabated, it could well threaten the democratic rights of all citizens in the future. We call on all politicians and those opposed to losing their democratic and human rights, to voice their disapproval of such abuses continuing. Justice Watch Ireland calls for Stephen Murney to be release on unconditional bail as a matter of urgency. We believe his detention is nothing short of ‘Interment’ by definition. ‘Internment by remand’ is being claimed by many, in which we are currently investigating but in this case our conclusion is that Mr Murney truly is interned by definition with the use of the remand process currently being implemented. ENDS PRO JWI www.justicewatchireland.com JWI.Ireland@gmail.com Stephen Murney Facts of Case: - Stephen was arrested on 29th November to which he was transported to Antrim Serious Crime Suite to be questioned before subsequently being charged overnight to Court on 1st December 2012 on the following charges: o 1.) Collecting Information likely to be to the use to Terrorists o 2.) Collecting information likely to be to the use of Terrorists o 3.) Possession of Articles for use in Terrorism - Stephen made a bail application in front of his Worship District Judge King on 1st December - The Officer in charge made the following assertions regarding the charges: Charge 1 & 2: The evidence relating to charges one and two was that of Pictures of Police Officers The charges all relate to the date 5th June 2012 to which Stephen was involved in a protest around the Olympic Torch – it was asserted he used this event to video and take photographs of police officers The Officer described this action as “Evidence Gathering” It was then asserted these photos were uploaded onto facebook The officer estimated that there were approx. 30,000 photos downloaded from the laptop seized from Stephen’s house The officer outlined that “in a sample” taken from the laptop approximately 30 photos were of police officers Charge 3: The officer asserted that 1 Replica Pistol and 1 Replica Uzi were taken from Stephens house He asserted that “to the untrained eye these were weapons” They also described how they found 3 Military Style Jumpers, 2 Black Berets, and 3 pairs of combat style trousers which gave rise to the presumption they were being used for a proscribed organisation - Objections to Bail: o Current dissident republican threat o Membership of the Political Organisation Eirigi o Eirigi is a Ireland wide organisation o Fear he would destroy evidence The Defence submitted the following: 1.) The Military Style Jumpers – these jumpers were from the Flute Band to which Stephen used to be a member. Youtube footage was viewed in the Court and submissions were made to DJ King to confirm that it had been viewed and it did in fact show Stephen marching in a flute band wearing the exact uniform described by the Officer. 2.) It was put to the Court that any examination of Stephens Facebook account would clearly show him marching in this exact uniform. 3.) There were a number of individuals present in the Court whom agreed to give evidence to qualify the fact that these uniforms were used in a Previous Flute band. Pictures as far back as 2007 were available to the Court. 4.) The individual has a right to be a member of Eirigi – a Political Organisation. Stephen is a proud political activist to which he has wrote articles and documented previous, what he described as police harassment with local newspapers, his solicitors, Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) 5.) Defence made submissions that the individual is entitled to his right to protest, it may be different than you or I but he is entitled to this right. 6.) It was offered to the Court any passwords regarding the laptop and phone could be handed over. Stephen was refused Magistrates’ Court Bail however proceeded to go for High Court Bail on Friday 21st December 2012 in a landmark Bail Application that lasted over 4 hours. - Police objected to bail – it was asserted that The Police force of Newry were in fear that Stephen may continue what they allege as terrorist activities This was combatted by defence submissions regarding the delay in the event and the charges being brought. The event in question relates to Stephen video recording events at a Protest around the time of the Olympic Torch on 5th June 2012 yet Stephen was not arrested until 29th November 2012. It was also put to the Court that the officer at the time in fact approached Stephen and asked him to put his phone away and to cease from video recording the protest. He complied and did so. The defence submitted that to openly record a protest is not a terrorist offence nor is it the typical characteristic of a terrorist to be seen openly video recording. It was put to the Court the Police were aware that Stephen was videoing the events for a purely political purpose as he had done so in the past. - The Police argued that the Officers were unaware of whom Stephen was and it took time to identify him This was strongly contested by the defence. The officer had previously outlined in the Magistrates Court Bail App they knew who Stephen was. Defence Solicitors adduced to the court in excess of 50 Stop and Search dockets to show the Police were fully aware who Stephen was – specific attention was drawn to a docket that showed Stephen being stopped before the 5th June and shortly after. The legislation to which Stephen was stopped outlines the PSNI must be aware of the identity of the individual. - The Police argued that he had distributed these photos online to identify the officers It was submitted that all pictures were submitted on Stephens personal facebook account. These photos were mostly posted in an album titled “PSNI Harassment” – Defence submitted again that it may not be the Court’s view but it was his personal view and he is entitled to his right to protest. Questions were raised about the “sample” police officers described in the Magistrates Court – no figure could be given to the Court. It was therefore put that all 30,000 photos could now be downloaded. It was put to the Court that the vast majority of these pictures include historical images and archive pictures from the troubles again following behind his interest in politics. The defence submitted further detail on charge 3 – the ‘guns’ previously described were in fact ‘BB Guns’ that fire small plastic balls. It was questioned where these guns were actually found – the defence assert they were found in a toy box in the attic of the house. This was never accepted or denied. The uniform found is that of a band uniform. The defence adduced statements from past and present flute band members who could indeed confirm Stephen was previously a member. Photos of Stephen marching in this flute band were handed in for the Judge’s consideration. These photos were located on the same social media site that the police had attained the photos they were seeking to rely on – questions were raised how these images that corroborate Stephens defence were not before the Court. - A judge concluded on the evidence provided to the Court that he indeed was entitled to bail. - The Police however requested draconian conditions. - The applicant suggested these conditions were somewhat impossible: - For Example: - 1.) Stephen was to reside in Meigh, a rural village in County Armagh roughly 11miles outside the town of Newry. - Stephen was tasked to sign Police Bail at Newtownhamilton Police Station. Newtownhamilton is approx. 16.5miles from Meigh taking the main roads B113 + A25. - Stephen does not drive. His partner does not drive. - Stephen cannot enter the Newry Area, preventing him from accessing his doctor and other essential services. - Furthermore no direct link by bus or train exists between the town of Meigh and Newtownhamilton - The only possible route available for Stephen to use public transport from Meigh to Newtownhamilton is through the Newry City Bus Depot however Stephen would then be in breach of his conditions. - Stephen is not allowed any telephone equipment in the house – this therefore impedes him from contacting anybody else to arrange transport. - As it stands it is simply impossible for Stephen to meet the current residence condition and the signing on condition imposed - A decision was made by Stephen, just days before Christmas, not to leave HMP Maghaberry to return to his young family due to the fear he would in fact breach his conditions and thereafter revoking his bail. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-Watch-Ireland/150183458492521?ref=hl
  11. Justice Watch Ireland is excited to announce the first of its annual Human Rights Conferences which will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast on Saturday, 22nd June, 2013 from 11am until 2pm. These conferences will be focusing on the ongoing Human rights abuses and Miscarriages of Justice in Ireland. The theme of this year’s event will be posing the question, “Has the States gone too far?” covering abuses within the judicial system, Prisons and it’s mistreatment of prisoners. We have an impressive panel of experienced advocates and academics in the field of Human Rights: Paddy Hill of the ‘Birmingham Six’ and founder of Miscarriages of Justice Organisation, Scotland, will chair the proceedings. Other panelists will include: Gareth Peirce. Human rights solicitor. Moazzam Begg. Guantanamo Bay Innocent and human rights campaigner. Prof. Phil Scraton. Criminologist at Q.U.B. (TBC) John Finucane. Human rights solicitor. Gerry Conlon. ‘Guildford Four’ Should you wish to attend please contact us via e-mail with you intention of attendance and as to how many will be accompanying @ JWI.Ireland@gmail.com http://www.justicewatchireland.com
  12. Sound A Chara, found this crazy Canadian to keep me right lol http://www.youtube.com/user/CraigTube Like the idea of a load of home brewers getting together some place to trade beer, no money just straight swaps.
  13. You have won me over gonna get that Coopers micro kit to start off with. http://www.the-home-brew-shop.co.uk/acatalog/Home_Brew_Irish_Stout_Starter_kit.html?gclid=CKvkxpSl6bcCFeXItAodAhAAmw#.Ub4PJfmUQdo
  14. an absolutely rotten state of affairs is it any wonder the price of a pint in East Tyrone is 3.20 str.
  15. A number of different groupings and individuals are planning on traveling to Enniskillen to protest in support of the Fermanagh people who issued a call for help and support in opposing the G8. http://opposefermanaghg8.wordpress.com/ G8 Not Welcome Demo: March from Enniskillen Library to G8 venue … Monday 17th June 2013 at 18:30 G8 summit used by PSNI as a smokescreen says G8 not welcome group“The G8 summit is being used by the PSNI as a smokescreen for cracking down on civil liberties,” a spokesman for opponents of the meeting of world leaders in Fermanagh has said. “And the main political parties are going along with it”. The protest group, which draws members from Fermanagh, Tyrone, Armagh and Derry, met in Dungannon last Thursday night. “Our meeting was at least double the size of previous planning meetings,” said the spokesman “The feedback shows increasing interest from local communities angry at the waste of public money. There is resentment at the pretence that what is good for a few well- heeled business people and politicians is good for everybody. “The meeting also expressed the anger in communities at the way the PSNI and politicians are talking up the possibility of disruption in order to persuade people that their extraordinary clamp-down on dissent is justified. “Anybody who thinks that the security measures being put in place for the GB will simply be lifted when the G8 goes away is naive. All precedent suggests otherwise. This a serious invasion of the right to protest which should be resisted. “A ‘ring of steel’ is being erected around a wide area. The perimeter is to be patrolled not only by the PSNI but by 3,500 police brought in from across the water. They are to be backed up by units of the British Army on standby. Helicopters will fly overhead. The PSNI has acquired drones, so as to increase its ability to spy on people exercising their democratic right to show opposition to the austerity, war-mongering, and disrespect for the environment represented by the G8 - as well as internment without trial at Guantanamo. “On top of all this, US security personnel are to patrol the area. This is outrageous. “The fact that all this has been allowed to happen without any debate whatsoever at Stormont emphasises how vulnerable our civil liberties are and the need for ordinary people to get together to take a stand for civil rights and to oppose what amounts to the imposition of a virtual state of emergency.” The spokesman said that buses will be travelling to a march in Enniskillen on Monday, June 17th from Belfast, Dublin, Derry and Galway, as well as smaller towns. Further local meetings are planned for Cookstown, Dungannon, Armagh, Newry and Omagh over next three weeks. The Dungannon meeting organised sessions for making banners and workshops to discuss the detail of the Enniskillen. demonstration. A website, http://opposefermanaghg8.wordpress.com, has been set up as an “information board”. It will publish daily updates on organisation and carry information on available transport. The G8 not welcome group based in Fermanagh group provide a town map with key points marked – assembly point / route of march / access to toilets / disability parking / speaking point / political discussion / activities area, etc. This will also be uploaded on the website.