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  1. The Justice for the Craigavon Two Group call 0n everyone to back the campaign to get the hashtag #JFTC2 trending on Twitter on the anniversary of the PSNI sabotaging the appeal of Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton, it will have been a year since the appeal process began and over 6 months since it ended yet both men remain incarcerated by a miscarriage of justice. Help us raise awareness and end this miscarriage of justice. Remember retweets don't count. www.facebook.com/JFTC2 Twitter: @craigavon2
  2. Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton will be five years interned by miscarriage of justice tomorrow, they await the outcome of their appeal which ended in October. help raise awareness of their plight. www.justiceforthecraigavontwo.com
  3. "Even the olives are bleeding" Independent Commemoration for Charlie Donnelly today at 2pm Curran Terrace below the Brickyard Dungannon. Born in Killybrackey, Dungannon, County Tyrone, Charlie was a Poet and student at University College Dublin, a member of Left wing Republican Congress. Charlie went to Spain to fight Franco's fascism, a Volunteer in the Connolly Column, 15th International Brigade, he was killed in action while commanding a platoon of Irish volunteers operating alongside US and Canadian Internationalists of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade at Jarama, 27 February, 1937. He was 22 years old. During a lull in the battle Charlie lifted a handfull of olives and remarked "Even the olives are bleeding" moments later he died in action. Remember him with pride.
  4. Justice for the Craigavon Two group would like to thank everyone who helped organise last nights discussion, we would like to thank everyone who attended and we would like to thank the organisers of Feile an Phobail for giving us the opportunity to raise awareness of this miscarriage of justice. ‪#‎JFTC2‬ Gerry Conlon speaking about the Craigavon Two case
  5. Ireland is stone broke and pouring the financial misery created by others onto the Irish People, yet Ireland gives away billions in oil and gas for free!!! Taken from the Own Our Oil website http://www.ownouroil.ie Our goal… The goal of Own Our Oil is to get a better deal for Ireland from the licensing of our oil and gas resources. This has the potential to define Ireland's future and it's up to us as a nation to determine that it's for the better. Every generation has its defining moment - its own Everest to climb, its own Waterloo. Right now we are witnessing a situation unfold which will most certainly determine the financial landscape of Ireland - for better or for worse, and it is up to us here and now to influence that outcome. We, the citizens of Ireland, are currently standing by and watching as our country is being ransacked and stripped of its petroleum wealth. Shockingly bad decision making by subsequently discredited politicians a quarter of a century ago are now returning to haunt Ireland. The onus is on us to act now to secure the country's future for the generations to come. If we fail to do this, history will prove us to be the generation that not only betrayed the sacrifices of our forefathers, but also stood idly by and did nothing to secure the future of our children and our children's children. We simply can't let that happen. We won't even have the comfort of saying that we knew no better. We used to have an appropriate licensing system - one that served us, the people of Ireland. That is no longer the case. We need to change this and we need to change it now. Any change would be an improvement. As it stands, Ireland is not guaranteed to get any benefit from private exploration and extraction of our own resources. Imagine what we could achieve by securing a proper deal: the schools, hospitals, rehab facilities, social housing, R&D, and infrastructure that we could build. The potential value makes the bank bailouts seem like small change. In the 1960s, Norway was a poor agrarian society. Corporations offered to buy exclusive rights to oil that wasn't yet sure to be profitable, at a tempting but terrible deal for Norway. Their politicians saw through this and secured a much better deal for Norway's citizens. Today, Norway enjoys one of the highest living standards in the world and has a state pension fund worth over $650 billion. Imagine it. Together, we have to make this happen for Ireland. Nobody else will.
  6. Justice for the Craigavon Two campaign group would like to invite you to attend our discussion as part of the West Belfast Festival. A campaign discussion about the case of Lurgan men Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton who have consistently maintained their innocence and who were sentenced in a Diplock Court to life imprisonment for the killing of PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll in 2009. Family members, legal representatives and campaign supporters outline their concerns that there has been a serious miscarriage of justice. St Mary's University College Belfast Friday, 2nd August 2013 Everyone Welcome www.justiceforthecraigavontwo.com www.facebook.com/JFTC2 http://www.feilebelfast.com/justice-for-the-craigavon-two/
  7. Public Letter from Brendan McConville & John Paul Wootton - The Craigavon Two. Hello, We the Craigavon Two as we have become known, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton are to begin our appeal against our life sentence convictions for the killing of PSNI member Stephen Carroll. We have consistently maintained our innocence and we believe as do others that the case against us represents a serious miscarriage of justice,we were tried in exceptional circumstances under the old and seriously flawed diplock process, a hangover from the long conflict here, this system deprived us of a trial by a jury of our peers, instead a single judge presided over and convicted us. The entire case against us was circumstantial and we believe seriously flawed, large tracts of evidence was hidden from us and the public, claiming national security. Public interest immunity certificates prevented our defence from properly investigating the evidence and cross examining witnesses vital to our defence case, in effect we were left with one arm tied behind our backs. We do not believe this represents clear and transparent justice. A number of groups and individuals after reading into our case have expressed sufficient concern that many have stated publicly they will be attending the appeal process to provide independent oversight. Our appeal starts on Monday (29,4,13) we the Craigavon Two, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton call on you, the public to observe the appeal process, this warped version of justice is being administered in your name and we ask you to look past the sensationalist headlines and look at the cold hard facts of this case, your voice matters ,do not let this miscarriage of justice continue in your name. The Craigavon Two Brendan McConville & John Paul Wootton Maghaberry Gaol 26/04/2013 Sent on behalf of Brendan and John Paul by the JFTC group http://justiceforthecraigavontwo.com/
  8. The appeal starts on the 29th of April please help us raise awareness
  9. Please view and share "In the name of Justice"
  10. while the Campaign group is small it would welcome acts of solidarity and perhaps supply leaflets and a speaker for such an event.
  11. Brendan and John Paul's appeal is scheduled for 29th of April we need all the help we can get raising awareness, please repost re tweet and share this eLeaflet
  12. did the residue on the coat come from a British Army source, the wiped tracking device cant rule that out, mixed DNA profiles on jacket means any one of the profiles could have owned or wore it, seriously compromised state witness M who's identity was hidden not for his safety but to cover up the weak walter mitty character .
  13. It is common not to take the stand in a case were their is no direct evidence against you, all the evidence was circumstantial and both men took direction from their legal teams. Residue found can not even be said to be from a fired gun, evidence almost entirely rules out it having come from an AK, the wiped tracking device used opens up questions did the residue come from a British Army source, is that why the device is wiped because it proved JP was innocently going about his biz, or was the device wiped because it would have shown the car being taken to a military installation were the bug was removed and data deleted, a forensic scientist fired an AK twice and wearing the same make of coat, afterwards he removed the coat and cleaned the rifle, he could only garner a tenth of the amount of particles found on the jacket in JPs car and still they did not match said particles, how any of it was used as credible evidence is beyond me. Read the synopsis of the evidence here http://justiceforthecraigavontwo.com/facts-of-their-case/
  14. A Justice for the Craigavon two delegation were in Dublin yesterday (12/12/12/) meeting with groups and interested parties in relation to the unsafe convictions of John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConville, significantly the delegation was invited to Leinster House by Eamon O’ Cuiv (Fianna Fáil TD for Galway West) Mr O’Cuiv listened to the Groups concerns and was fully briefed on the case and upcoming appeal by our legal representatives. Other TDs were given information kits on the case. http://justiceforthecraigavontwo.com/news/
  15. Brendan McConville was born on 19th May 1971. He is the youngest son of Willie and Eileen, from Lurgan Co, Armagh, Brother to Damian, Thomas and Dwyer. Brendan is a loving Father of two boys, Sean and Caoimhin He first attended Tanaghmore Primary school in Lurgan before moving to Craigavon with his family at the age of seven, where he attended St. Anthony’s Primary school and then on to Lismore Comprehensive. Brendan has a keen interest in the Irish language and culture, after leaving school he attended Irish language classes at the Lurgan Cumann of the Gaelic League were he obtained a gold fainne. Brendan is passionate about community activism, in the past he served the people of Loughside ward in Lurgan when they elected him as their local councillor in Craigavon Borough Council. Brendan is known locally as an astute articulate debater, yet is soft spoken with a smiling generous personality. He enjoys a close relationship with his family and friends and is well respected within his community. Through out the ordeal that Brendan now finds himself he has continually denied all involvement, as can been seen on this site the so called evidence against him is thin or non existent, despite these hardships and the conditions in which he finds himself Brendan keeps his spirits up through reading and letter writing he also helps other Prisoners interested in learning the Irish Language, for his family he is a pillar of strength in these trying times, to all who know him he is affectionately known as “big Yandie” http://justiceforthecraigavontwo.com/brendan-mcconville/