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  1. Those workers my disagree with the description of "French". They're more likely to describe themselves as Bretons. This can be seen in the hundreds of Breton flags in the crowd. But yes its great to see thousands of workers organising and taking militant action.
  2. Laoch na nGael


    Look at my longer post cara.
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    Smash all borders. This world is shared by everyone in this world and nobody has any right to tell people where they are allowed to go. A lot more should be done to try and revive our native language. I think a long term plan needs to be devised. For example if we aim to have all children being taught in Irish within 15-20 years. Our cultures our culture and should be promoted and celebrated as should minority cultures. You can't force people to support our politics so if they don't like them that's their decision. We should keep campaigning for a socialist republic and hope that all sections of Irish society get behind it. That's true, but to address that problem we need to tackle the roots of the problem. The problem is the deliberate exploitation of those country's by capitalist powers. Smash that and we will see the issues that drive people from their homes resolved.
  4. Laoch na nGael

    Revolting Images on Cigarette Packets

    Putting Marty Morrissey's pic on packets would 100% increase sales lol. But maybe people would be too busy laughing to smoke.
  5. Laoch na nGael

    Revolting Images on Cigarette Packets

    Enjoy a box of amber leaf 3 in 1 or JPS when I'm drinking myself (too much during the start of uni at the mo). But I support the pictures. If it stops kids or others smoking then fair dues. Won't stop me but I won't smoke long term anyway. Stopping is all in the head anyway I reckon. If you really want to do something you can do it!
  6. A better way to remember her would be to organise the workers like in 1913 and bring down the evil institution that wages war on our class.
  7. This could be a ridiculous idea but its in my head so let me know what yous think. After re-watching "Thomas Sankara: The Upright Man" and listening to the Clancy Brothers: Work of the weavers, it made me think should we replicate Sankara's ideas in Ireland. In Burkina Faso he made all public service employees wear traditional Burkina Faso clothing made by local weavers. This was to promote local culture as well has making Burkina Faso less reliable on aid and more autonomous. I wonder would it be an idea for revolutionaries in Ireland to bring some equivalent of this to Ireland and amongst our own movements? Though it could be possible for us to radicalise it further and to try and collective the weavers.
  8. Agreed. Of course reformists shouldn't be in those positions. But who decides?
  9. "2. Any organisation that wishes to join the Communist International must consistently and systematically dismiss reformists and "Centrists” from positions of any responsibility in the working-class movement (party organisations, editorial boards, trade unions, parliamentary groups, co-operative societies, municipal councils, etc.), replacing them by reliable Communists. The fact that in some cases rank-and-file workers may at first have to replace “experienced” leaders should be no deterrent." I disagree with this point. IMO it would lead to splits because of egos. You would get people you believe themselves to be communists throwing out people they don't like or disagree with.
  10. Looks like a short term positive stretch. the only ones how are likely to really benefit in the long term are the Chinese due to their ownership of large amounts of Zimbabwe's natural resources. Its the same in other country's.
  11. Laoch na nGael

    Anti Internment March, Belfast 9th August

    There's been an increase in the whipping up of tensions by all shades of unionists and loyalists following them not getting past Ardoyne. There is nothing contentious about this march. Even the DUP are struggling to find a reason to oppose it their main concern seems to be that its republicans. Their idea of a shared future seems to be one where republicans and nationalists are not aloud to march their streets or commemorate out fallen comrades. The PC barred SFs Tyrone Volunteers commemoration from passing through the 65% nationalist town of Castlederg, which has hosted 20 loyalist parades in 2013 so far. While I don't support SF I think its a disgrace that unionists are currently trying to oppose any republicans and nationalists taking to the streets in their own areas and mixed areas. Saying that its fantastic to see this march organised. Great to see the 1916 Societies, IRSP, RNU, 32s, and éirígí all involved in its organisation and that they will be marching under one banner! I'm sure republicans won't be deterred by unionists whipping up tension or the three protests organised against it. SMASH INTERNMENT
  12. Laoch na nGael

    Installation of Water Meters starts

    People should follow éirígí's lead imo:
  13. Laoch na nGael

    Leading Light Communist Organisation

    Personally I think we are fooling ourselves if we let ourselves believe there is anything communist about the CCP. Looking at what they are doing in the developing world, it is clear that they are only there in the race with the USA to claim as much or the world natural resources as possible. Our allies are genuine socialists like Cuba and Venezuela. As for leading light I enjoy a lot of what they write but I think claiming to be clandestine really means they are a small number of Internet revolutionaries.
  14. Laoch na nGael

    Home Brew Guide

    Is there any kits on that site that youd recommend? I was lookin but I'm not sure what all I need. I don't need a kit with the bottles cause we will have enough in the house.
  15. Laoch na nGael

    Home Brew Guide

    Im just lookin to save money at uni lol, so prob need a right bit. Do you think it works out less that buying from the shop doing it the standard way?